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The Story

In the age of Dragons and Sorcery, King Lennox the Brave and his Lion Knights brought peace to the land. The villagers felt safe and happy under their King’s magnanimous leadership and vigilant protection. The King and his knights made peace with mythical creatures that wished it and provided protection against those that didn’t.

Their noble kingdom was not without its perils. Human raiders and monster hordes would test the kingdom’s mettle, but time and time again, King Lennox and his Lion Knights would repel their attacks and protect their people and the lands. These were prosperous times, but nothing lasts forever.

As King Lennox grew old, some younger Lords of the land started eyeing the throne for themselves. One such man was Lord Ragno, a particularly ambitious and ruthless ruler to the south. With his armies of Dragon Knights and Black Falcon Knights, Lord Ragno was able to usurp King Lennox and send his armies into exile. These were dark times for Legoland. Castles and outposts fell into disrepair and ruin. Farms were razed and crops rotted in the fields, and with no food to eat, the people left for other kingdoms.

Years passed until a new light rose over the horizon. King Lennox’s heir, Alfred Lennox III resurrected the ideals of his grandfather and forged a new army of Lion Knights. Now under the protection of the restored Lennox Castle, King Lennox III aims to retake his lands and restore the peace that his father never knew.


In classic castle style, the build hinges open for better access and play. Once hinged opened a courtyard can be snapped into place via pins! Built upon an elevation of rocks with many secrets underneath...

  • Blacksmith
  • Armory
  • Livestock Stable
  • Prison
  • Marketplace/Food Storage
  • Knight's Dormitory
  • Royal Quarters

What you get

  • Bricklink compatible partslist XML file
  • 1000+ page professionally compiled pdf instructions
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